In my various roles within luxury hotels in the food and beverage department and customer service, the most rewarding aspect has always been the direct connection with customers. Their smiles of satisfaction, even when seeking me out off-duty, make each day truly special. Interacting with guests from diverse cultures on a daily basis can be challenging, but flexibility is the key. I had to enhance my listening skills by focusing not only on the words being spoken but also on interpreting their facial expressions and body language. This experience has shaped my lifestyle and allowed me to grow meaningfully.

As enjoyable as my years of experience were, there was always a sense that something was missing. I have many passions, especially for design and the digital world, and it wasn't until I discovered the world of UX design that I truly found my calling.

I immediately fell in love—a new beginning that I had been searching for . Every detail constantly surprises me. I'm amazed at how much we can influence users' lives behind a computer I've been doing the same things for years in a diffrent way,and finally, in this job, all my passions come together.

That's why I'm a passionate and curious UX designer , I couldn't ask for a better rebirth.

When I have free time between meetings with colleagues and working or playing around with Figma, I usually head to the gym, go shopping, and definitely start planning my next adventure around the world ! I'm an expert in wine tasting and a specialist of cuisines.

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